Monday, November 30, 2015

Ice cream/sushi.....

sushi, ice cream and twister.... and thats only the beginning of the week...



So, on monday we went to benin and had our office meeting. afterwards we went and got sushi... which was really good. then we to a super market and got ice cream. and then we played twister. Elder Teaupa is a cheater by the way because he was totally uisng his weight against me.
So, as some of you may know, elder vinson of the seventy cqme for a mission tour. so, for the past couple weeks we have been planning and planning and praying that everything will go smoothly.
On tuesday we drove back to Togo to get everything planned. we actually had a meeting with president at his Hotel about all the little important details that needed to get done. one of those things was that we need to find elder Vinson a hotel room. all of the hotels near president were full, so we needed to go and find him a hotel. so, that was cool. 
One of the things elder Vinson requested was a room where him and his wife, after the zone confrence they could eat in private with president. so, afterwards we went and helped the member we hired to make and decorate the room. It was really nice by the way. Sister Vinson LOVED it.
so, on wednesday elder vinson arrived. but he didnt come till the afternnoon, so in the morning we went and picked up president and took him to go see a bishop. President morin wants to meet with all of the bishops and branch presidents in lome to see how the relationship between the members and missionaries are.
afterwards we dropped president off at the hotel. he then gave me the keys to his car and asked to go get it washed. IT was really weird driving an automatic car.... i was so lost! You have no control!!!!
so, elder vinson came in the afternoon. we dropped him off at his hotel and then we went to the zone confrence. I got to translate again! The zone confrence was a success! And the spirit was so strong. Elder vinson gave us a lot of really good advice, and helped us to really understand our objective. He said something that stuck out to all of us. he said that when we fix a baptism date with someone we dont fix one. but two. He explained how we need them to realize that their baptism isnt just for them, but its also for their ancestors, and even their kids. It helped us realize the more eternal perspective of our work. He talked a lot about our companionship study, and how its actually three people that are studying, not two. us, our comp, and the holy ghost.
so, it was a great! we loved how everything went smoothly!
in the morning we had leadership council. Really great advice. He came to realize that our mission is forgotten by the inter region. That we have a shortage of missionaries.... like really bad... we have had to close a lot of areas. so, it helped a lot.
we were able to teach a lot... the okuy family will hopefully be getting baptized on saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
brother Okuy shared some concerns about how he has already been baptized and how his kids are too young... but we brought over brother frank. a nigerian whos family used to be neighbors with the okuy. brother Frank was baptized about a month ago. He shared his situation. He taught the lesson. we said nothing, and the spirit tesitified that it was true!!!! it was fantastic! 
We taught dele again this week. He came to church and actually stayed the full three hours. He admitted to us that he smokes, but he is going to stop.
som everything is going well.
interesting experience, pozer cut out yesterday while i was in the shower. its like the worst experience possible. you are just so lost. you dont know what to do!
anyways, i love you all, and hope you have a fantastic week!
Elder Magre✌

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