Saturday, November 7, 2015


right of way? LOL!!! honk the horn and hit the gas!



stop signs? Red lights? 
hello family and friends,
Its rainy season, and driving just got interesting! why? because now the roads are flooded!!!! hooray!!! so im no longer driving the Togo Mobile, but now, im captain of a beautiful boat.... now obviously some roads are better than others, but today when i was picking up president morin to take him to the airport we got drop him off at the airport, we got to drive threw a huge... deep puddle....
some good stuff is going on though here in togo. We are opening a gospel class at a local university here. we have a lot of our investigators, and converts, and a lot of members from all over togo who go to school there. We think its going to help us get a lot of new contacts, and get people intrested quickly. "teach why you find, and find while you teach". so, that class will help us do exactly that. The class started last week, and we had a couple of our investigators show up. we just need to find a time where a lot of students are on campus, but a time when they arent in class. so, its going to be difficult, but they were saying wednesdays work best.
on wednesday the bank called and said that our account didnt have enough money on it. so, i was running around trying to figure out what happened. turns out, ghana wasnt notified that we needed to pay rent for certain apartments... so that ended up cleaning out our bank account... but its all figured out now. hopefully. 
We were able to go and teach délé twice this last week. it was awesome! we taught him about prophets, and about christ and how he organized a church. He is progressing really well! he finally excepted a baptism date for the 28th of this month!!! he is a tough guy, who is hard to convince, but the spirt is starting to soften his heart, and he is starting to change. He said a really sincere prayer at the end of the lesson to know if the chruch is true. He also came to church! he said it was long, so he left third hour.... but, its progress though. 
we taught eric, and david this week. Lodonou probably isnt going to get baptized this week since we could smell alcohol on him at our last lesson. its just a little stummbling block, but we are going to be even more blunt and clear with him. maybe intervention number 2 will do the trick?
We went and taught a new guy named akouete. he lives really really far, in a place called agoe. there arent missionaries there, but the mission is going to send some soon. We drive there, and he explained how he just isnt intrested in our church. so, it was kind of a bummer, but thats okay i guess.
we are finally out of our old office. our temporary office is in the stake center... in the Hedzranwoe ward secretary office.... we put our computers here, until the internet is set up in our new and improved office that doesnt smell of mold, and that isnt about to collapse on top of us!!! 
so, the week has been good. Im happy, and healthy. and in africa that right there is a huge blessing.
I hope you all have a great week,
i love you all,
Elder Mahgray

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